P  I  L  A  R   M  E  H  L  I  S

Artist Statement 
I work in sculpture, drawing, painting and mixed media. 
I like to combine formal elements of every discipline in ways that best serve the ideas I have around the topics of zoomorphism and anthropomorphism.  
I am constantly pursuing new “forms” within these concepts. The materials in the studio become a means to satisfy the need of the “forms” to emerge in the two dimensional or three dimensional plane.  
Sometimes a two dimensional work satisfies. Lately, many three-dimensional sculptures that satisfy the need to sculpt, paint, draw and attach all in the same object have emerged and still, they demand more and more experimentation. 
My work is informed by my interest in magical realist literature, literature by C.S. Lewis, mythology and the memories of Bolivian folklore, legends, costumes, people and places dear to my heart in that far away land I called home in my formative years. 
In the last few years I have been exploring ideas of immigration and migratios both human and animal. The anthropomorphic form:.AntroFish (half human, half fish) became the perfect vessel for the exploration of these ideas. It has served as a “carrier” of all the things I associate with immigration and migration. 
I moved from Bolivia to Whitehorse, Yukon at the age of twelve, in the middle of winter. 
This move and life shift changed my perception of “self” in many ways and hence has become a focus in my work. 
I metaphorically recount these explorations through the AntroFish figure and tell the viewer the story I know best: my own.