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Interview with Amy Anderson, Senior Writer and Editor in Regent College's Communications Department.

Interview with Portia Priegert "Hybrid Sculptures Reflect Immigrant Experience"


Upcoming Exhibition on April 6th at Herringer Kiss Gallery Calgary, AL


This is a thoughtful, eloquent article about my current work.

(posted on 22 May 2013)

My work is featured in the Spring issue of Phoebe Journal.

This publication features Lliterature and Art.


Featured works: Semper Viva (pg. 83) and Ode to Perseverance (pg.75)


The Crawl

November 16 + 17 + 18, 2012

The 16th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl - a FREE 3-day visual arts phenomenon. This event involves more than 10,000 people visiting artists in their studios in the area bounded by Main Street and Victoria Drive north of First Avenue in Vancouver, Canada.

Come one come all! My studio is #318 at 1000 Parker St.


(posted on 2 May 2012)

This was a bit of a surprise. A good one and I find the comments people leave are the most interesting ....


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